At Sugar Road Tyre and Mechanical we service and repair all types of Brakes. We replace Brake Pads & Disc Rotors as well as Brake Shoes and Drums, Wheel Cylinders, Master Cylinder, Brake Lines or Hose and Brake Callipers and repair or adjust handbrakes. We also can diagnose and repair ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) problems.

Our experienced brake technicians replace brake pads which are below minimum material thickness. We measure disc brake rotor thickness and if there is enough above minimum specification we machine the disc rotors. If equal or below minimum specs we will replace the rotors with new ones. If Brake Calipers are worn or sticky or uneven wear is present on the brakes we can overhaul or replace the Brake Caliper if necessary. Lastly we bleed the brake system and make sure the brake fluid is at the correct level.

So whether your brakes are grinding, squealing, vibrating, pulling to one side, have a low brake pedal, handbrake coming up high or simply worn out Sugar Road Tyre and Mechanical will have you safely back on the road in in control.

We guarantee it!

For honest local trustworthy no obligation help and advice please contact us on (07) 5443 2821 or alternatively you can email us at


quote_left  “I’ve been taking my taxis to Sugar Road Tyre & Mechanical for the past 10 years, … I don’t know if I can express a recommendation any better than that .. if it wasn’t excellent service I wouldn’t have been there for a decade!” “They understand business vehicle maintenance, time off the road is time you can never recover. quote_right

Clark Chappel, Taxi Owner, Operator & Driver, Mooloolaba
January 22, 2015

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