Roadworthy Certificates

t Sugar Road Tyre and Mechanical our authorised inspectors have been providing Safety Certificates, Roadworthy Certificates on cars and “peace of mind” Pre-Purchase Inspections to our satisfied customers on the Sunshine Coast for over eight years.

We are fully qualified, licensed, and Queensland Transport approved and complete inspections on light vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes. All registered vehicles in Queensland must have a current Safety Certificate or Roadworthy Certificate before they can be offered for sale. Significant fines apply for failing to display a current Safety Certificate/Roadworthy Certificate.

Our thorough Safety Certificate inspectors will take around half an hour to forty five minutes to completion of the inspection and issue detailed written report.

Some of the basic safety items a Safety Certificate/Roadworthy Certificate covers, are Tyres, Brakes, Suspension, Body Rust or damage, Lights

Remember if you are thinking of purchasing a used vehicle and don’t want to end up with a lemon let Sugar Road Tyre and mechanical do a pre-purchase inspection so you will know whether you are making a wise purchase.

For honest local trustworthy no obligation help and advice please contact us on (07) 5443 2821 or alternatively you can email us at


quote_left  I operate a fleet of 6 vehicles and have been using Sugar Road Tyre and Mechanical for over 8 years. Their service has always been friendly and professional.  quote_right

Jack Manca, Taxi Owner, Operator & Driver, Maroochydore
January 22, 2015

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